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Freedom to live, freedom to perform

Paul Hewitt is an experienced performance coach and clinical and analytical hypnotherapist, working in a sports setting as well as in business and mental health.
He utilises techniques which include NLP, sports psychology, hypnotherapy, deep transformation, enhanced CBT and life coaching, often blended, to facilitate rapid positive change in individuals and teams.
Whatever the issue or context, the objective is nearly always the same – to help clients unlock their potential, to achieve more personal freedom and happiness, and realise better results.
All of this is done in a relaxed setting of the client’s choice, which may include a consulting room, a training room, a classroom, or a session conducted remotely over Zoom from the client’s own home. The utmost sensitivity and confidentiality is assured, and we work within the client’s own model of the world, belief systems and values.
Paul’s clients include sports people and sports teams, from amateur to elite level, looking for superior mental skills to gain competitive advantage and achieve their full potential. Additionally he sees sports people and members of the public with performance limiting mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma.


Performance psychology:
Accelerated skill learning
Getting into your performance zone
Goal setting
Performance anxiety
Performance blocks 

Mental health issues:
Eating disorders
Sexual abuse
Physical abuse
Fear of flying