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Our credentials


Mind Olympian coach
Paul Hewitt
MSc, Dip. PHH, MNCH (Reg) 
Paul Hewitt knows what it takes to be a champion - because he is one. As well as being a Performing Edge Certified International sports psychology coach, Paul is a former British and European Jetski Champion. 

He has and continues to use all the mental techniques he teaches, as well as self-hypnosis, in order to extend his career. 

Paul has a Diploma in Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy from the Andrew Parr Academy. He is Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and National Council for Hypnotherapy, and a CNHC-registered practitioner.

Paul is a clinical hypnotherapist, a hypnoanalyst, a sports psychology expert and a Master Practitioner in mainstream and sports NLP. Paul also has an MSc in Communication. 

Paul is based out of Bracknell, and also treats clients by video conference and on the road by appointment. He specialises in helping aspiring and elite sports people reach their full potential and overcome performance blocks. He treats sports people and members of the general public who present with anxiety, depression, phobias and other potential limiting conditions.

Call 07792 930980 or email