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Problems we help with


Instilling confidence and belief.  The difference between the winners and the “also rans” often comes down to confidence - and belief. We use a range of therapeutic techniques to remove or change limiting beliefs which are preventing people from reaching their full potential. We boost confidence which in turn boosts performance and helps sports people get better results. 


Overcoming performance blocks. Most sports people experience times in their career when their performance takes a dip, and they need a little help to get back on their game. Mind Olympian specialises in helping people who are serious about their sport, whether elite, aspiring or purely recreational, to get their mojo back, perform to the best of their ability and get and stay in their performance zone for longer. 


Accelerated skill learning
When you are challenged with learning a new skill or technique, it can be a real competitive advantage to know there is a quicker and easier way to mastering a skill, more effective than slogging away without a purpose. We teach sports people, and the general public how to master skills quickly, through ‘purposeful practice’ and by ‘modelling’ the experts. 


Dealing with pre-competition nerves
Pre-competition anxiety, and performance anxiety are common problems for competitive sports people. We teach routines and techniques that help athletes perform to their best in pressure situations, and help them become more mentally resilient so they can deal with unexpected challenges – in training and on competition day. We utilise sports psychology techniques including hypnosis to help clients make lasting changes. 


Overcoming mental health issues. Many people experience heightened anxiety and sometimes depression, usually triggered by trauma in their lives. Mind Olympian helps all kinds of people become ‘unstuck’ and move on with their lives, using both analytical and solutions-focused hypnotherapeutic techniques.