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Techniques we use

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). From language patterns and finding alternative, more empowering ways to look at things, through to changing mind strategies in order to change our results. Usually content free, which means not having to provide details on your particular issue. Includes well known techniques for overcoming fears and phobias. 

Sports Psychology. Tools & techniques utilised and trusted by competitive athletes, including Olympians! From positive self-talk and positive body language through to anchoring states, creating routines you can rely on in competition and tips to identify and recreate your high performance state more and more often.

Analytical Hypnotherapy.Involves regressing the client back to a problematic memory or event, releasing the associated negative emotion and making things good with the ‘trapped’ inner child. A powerful technique for freeing people up from damaging and negative emotions, so they can be free of destructive behaviour patterns and lead happier lives. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy  Involves making positive suggestions to the client’s unconscious mind whilst they are in a relaxed state and receptive to new ideas. In this therapeutic settings the suggestions do not come from the therapist rather the client’s own ideas about how they want their life to be.

Life Coaching. Helping a client to identify and set goals, and to create plans and strategies to maximise their chances of success. Also includes techniques for increasing motivation, mental rehearsal and ways of understanding if this is the right goal for you.

Deep Transformation Methods.  Deep transformation is the simplest most effective and pain free way of releasing a client from long term suffering, usually caused by an event in the past which is still impacting them today. A modern kind of analytical hypnotherapy which produces rapid results.

Enhanced CBT.  By helping you relax into a natural form of hypnosis, where you are fully aware and in control, we can follow the same CBT procedures but allow your mind to create deeper and lasting change. Enhanced CBT addresses the problem at all levels, including the deeper ones that traditional CBT doesn’t usually reach.